Welcome to the Department of Human Resources and Management

School of Business


The Department of Management Studies is distinguished with a proud history of being the first department with two main options in the School of Business, Valley View University; Management and Human Resource Management. Our proficient, dedicated, dexterous, staunch faculty and staff are united in believing that the fundamental purpose of education is to develop thinking men and women who integrate knowledge and application with high moral values.


The mission of the Department of Management Studies is to provide high-quality, relevant, and varied educational programs for intellectual, spiritual, cultural, economic and personal growth that promote individual development and improve the overall quality of life.
It thrives on the principles that knowledge is acquired through discipline, competence is established when knowledge is tempered by experience, and character is developed when competence is exercised for the service and benefit of others, in Ghana and the global community.


• To provide opportunities for acquisition of skills and knowledge for job placement.
• To provide career programs that meets the needs of students and employers.
• To inculcate in students the ethics of Christian living and love for all humanity.
• To provide undergraduate course-work designed to develop learning proficiencies and to cultivate the values and perspectives of educated citizens.
• To challenge students to develop their talents, intellectual interests, and creative abilities need for self employment.
• To provide the impetus for a lifelong commitment to, and enthusiasm for, learning and research for entrance into graduate programs.
• To instill in students a willingness to address difficult societal issues with honesty, civility, and practicality.
• To enrich the minds of students by stimulating and sustaining a spirit of free inquiry directed to understanding the nature of the universe and the role of mankind in it.


The Department offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with two options:
• Management
• Human Resource Management

Head of Department

Mr. Abdulai Issaka