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The modern world of business is highly competitive and to be successful, tomorrow’s marketing executives need a thorough understanding of modern marketing techniques. At the Valley View University, our Marketing Department faculty is dedicated to helping students learn the skills necessary to excel in the real world of marketing opportunities. The field of marketing has several exciting career opportunities in areas such as sales, advertising and promotion, retailing and internet marketing, supply chain management, marketing research, product and brand management, public relations, public relations and more. The possibilities are almost endless.
The department also offers a two-year ‘top-up’ programme for Higher National Diploma (HND) holders who wish to have a degree in Marketing.


The specific objectives of the marketing programme is to develop highly intelligent graduates who will
a. Attain a high level of proficiency, skill and ability in Marketing Principles.
b. Be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned to perform effective marketing functions for business organizations.
c. Have high discipline, moral and social responsibility.
d. Have a positive attitude toward business functions and appreciate the value of hard work to achieve advancement in marketing professions.
e. Continue their professional education in Marketing and other related fields.


BBA Marketing

Head of Department

Mr. Abdulai Issaka